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Boxes full of natural foods continue to reach people’s homes every week

Natural products from the farm, many of which are grown with seed balls, are sent to people in 5 kg boxes. Moreover, it doesn’t matter what’s inside the box. The price is fixed and 10 euro.

Growing natural foods (Please regard this, not organic, natural. Organic foods, instead of being cheaper, 3 times more expensive than the food sold in the market) are offered to all living things. Beyond addressing only certain people, these foods, which are accessible to everyone, are clean and their production costs are zero.

All these foods are produced by the farmer’s own workforce. No agricultural product / poison or tool is used anywhere in the production stages. The soil is not plowed. The soil that gains its fertility day by day and wakes up is always more active and more fertile.

Every year, tons of natural and clean, self-grown foods reach thousands of people. People who have tasted natural foods once state that they have never eaten such delicious fruits and vegetables before.

Natural foods should be cheap and accessible to all. Selling tomatoes under the name of organic at prices of 15-25 TL in the middle of summer is capitalism’s another rip-off.

Start producing your own food in a garden, albeit 100 m2, friends. Accessing clean and cheap food has become a luxury around the world, and the situation is getting more and more serious. Create a small garden as soon as possible, and produce enough clean food for you and your family.

Every production you make with natural (not organic, natural) seeds that belong to nature, independent of multinational companies and petroleum fuels, is very valuable.

If you still apply farming techniques based on one of them, the future of your farm and the continuity of your production are at great risk.

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