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The Natural Farming Center association was established in 2020 in Italy, as Kutluhan was offered to manage half of the natural farm he had been taking care of in Edessa, Greece. Given his will not to own anything, an association was established to own this little piece of paradise. 

Up until December 2022, the association had no accountancy, as expenses were managed directly with Kutluhan's personal earnings. After the first trip to Kenya at the end of 2022, it was decided to open a bank account to receive freely given donations to support the starting of natural farming projects in Africa. At the same time, the process of becoming an "Associazione di Promozione Sociale" (APS) was started, to grant donors the opportunity of getting their taxes back from their donations and to keep easily track of how donations would be reinvested. In May 2023 the association was officially recognised as an APS. 

Natural Farm Shizen is a project of the Natural Farming Center association, is part of the Rete per l'Agricoltura Naturale (RAN, literally, "natural farming network"). Kutluhan Özdemir is the president of the association, which, in February 2023, counts 7 members, each one embracing fully the philosophy, principles and way of natural farming. 4 out of 7 members are living at Farm Shizen, supporting its on-site development with full heart and energy.

The Natural Farming Center association commits to publish at the end of each year a report with relevant information on how finances and donations have been used during the same year. Finances are managed by the treasurer of the association, always and only upon agreement with and request by Kutluhan.

To gain an idea about which projects your donations may support, please browse through our activities: workshopsreforestActions, seeds in the deserts.  

If you are based in Italy and do your statement of income in the country, you can support us by devolving your 5x1000 at the Natural Farming Center APS  by using the association's fiscal number 91029650412.

Statuto dell'associazione Natural Farming Center APS in italiano

Modulo di registrazione per diventare socio dell'associazione in italiano (registration form to become member of the association; please click with right mouse button and select 'translate into English')

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