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The community that is being created around the Shizen Natural Farm is happy to share its experiences, observations and beauty of natural farming with you.

Many souls have visited the farm already. Some just for a day... others for a longer period. We are open for daily visits and also have the possibility of hosting you for a few nights. You are going to walk around the farm, have the possibility of asking questions and sharing your experiences and observations, we will share meals and spend some beautiful time together. In any case, we are thrilled to meet you!

If you would like to visit for a day, please contact us directly by email, and we will inform you of the date of our next Open Day.


To continue this movement and give everyone the possibility of coming to the farm, we ask for a little contribution according to your possibilities and conscious decision. The Natural Farming Center association suggests the contributions ranges below, in the perspective of the solidarity economy.  

  • Access contribution: € 10 / day-night (covering the basic expenses)

  • Solidarity contribution: € 15 / day-night (for people wishing to provide more support for the farm)

  • Support contribution: € 20 / day-night (for those who wish to support the farm and the projects of the Natural Farming Center association)

In case you would like to freely give a higher amount, you will be able to do so. In case you do not have the possibility to support the farm financially and you deeply feel you want to come meet us, do get in touch: we will find a solution together.  


Please fill in this form to come visit us!

Please note: during the winter months we don't have the possibility to host overnight visitors

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