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Nutritious, healthy, cruelty-free fruits, vegetables and cereals are harvested abundantly at Farm Shizen season after season. No harm is made to any beings, while nature slowly takes over. No distinctions are made between a vegetable garden and a fruit orchard: everywhere you walk, natural food is growing all around you. 

Natural farming has no aim. It is the way life is lived. In this sense, after some years of facilitating the process of nature taking over completely, the only duty of the farmer is to sow seeds and harvest, rejoicing over nature's abundance.

No heavy machinery is needed to work, no expensive fertilisers or tools, thus no great amount of money is needed to farm. 

As nature does not make any difference from vegetable to fruit, from cereal to other seeds, why would we make a difference in the price of the surplus of foods we harvest and sell?


Everything coming out of Farm Shizen is sold at the price of € 2 per kg. Come meet us on site to get your box of seasonal fruits and vegetables, or our preserved foods. 

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