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Natural farming is actually a philosophy and way of life rather than an agricultural technique.

The aim is not to harm soil with known farming methods and to provide a sustainable life for it. No tillage, fertilizing, weed cleaning and pesticides!

Think about a forest, it can survive without human intervention and sustains its existence; natural farming just works like this, it is based on the same fact. In nature, there is no difference between a farm product which we call nutrients and a thorny plant that we cut as soon as we saw. For nature and soil, everything is the same. You help nature by giving her what she wants, that is seeds. In return, she gives us nutrients and you don’t need to do hard work with usual farming methods, just like a forest. One of the most important element is to make seed balls and give the seeds to the soil in as many and different variations as possible. Nature will decide which plant will grow and where, without human intervention. You will give it seeds, nature will give you food in return. In addition, the soil gets richer day by day and the richness and the quality of life in the fields increases. You get dozens of different products from the soil instead of single crops.

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