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Kutluhan has facilitated weekends in Italy, The Netherlands, Turkey, Hungary, Belgium, Spain, France, Switzerland, the UK, the USA and Kenya.

Find the calendar with the upcoming events below.


During these 2 days you will learn very practical tools to set up your own vegetable garden (your first step to food self-sufficiency) and you will learn how to make seed balls, which you can use in your garden, but also to reforest whole areas. 

Kutluhan will speak about the principles of Natural Farming, the differences with other farm techniques and will answer many questions. There will be space for sharing your own experiences too.

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Every workshop is offered freely, so no one is excluded.

You will be able to give an appreciation which will support Kutluhan's work and the development of the network of natural farming (start-up of natural farms, reforestation festivals, ...). Besides that, all practical costs such as flights, seeds for the workshop, hay, manure,... will be covered with these gifts.

All workshops are organized by external individuals or organizations. Kutluhan goes where he is invited. 

It is possible an organization asks for a minimum cost for food or accommodations, so prices can differ.

We always insist that these costs are in line with the local fees. 


No events at the moment


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“This weekend was a wonderful and warm response to what our world in 'crisis' needs most to become healthy and self-reliant again.”

Participant Laboratory Natural Farming Belgium October 2022

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