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Winter vegetables grown with zero energy input

Energy spent to grow 1 kg of food today (seeds, tractors, plowing the soil, using fertilizers, irrigation, hoeing and herbicides, using other pesticides, harvesting, packing, reaching the cities, etc.) is more than 100 times the energy consumed to produce 1 kg of ‘natural food’ grown with natural farming practices.

As human beings, when we buy 1 kg of food from conventional agricultural products (from markets or supermarkets), we have to think that it is grown with 100 times more energy input than natural foods grown by a natural farmer. It is not only unsustainable but also destructive.

Just sowing the seed balls and then harvesting them and selling these foods, which have almost zero energy inputs while feeding on natural foods, is the only way a farmer can survive.

While farming without water is a dream outside of the black sea today in our country, it is a very natural and normal form of agriculture in a living land that has come to life with natural farming practices. It is capable of producing miracles within 3-4 years, even in desertification Anatolian lands.

Every seed ball is full of miracles.


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