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Trifoliate orange

The oldest ancestor of citrus, even so old, whether it belongs exactly to the citrus family or not has not been resolved.

A great alternative for cold climate regions where citrus does not grow. This plant which grows easily from kernel can withstand temperatures down to -25 degrees, the dead of winter and frost.

This plant, which I do not water even in the summer months without rain, has no weakness against any disease. As the human hand does not touch, nature establishes its perfect balance.

Its fruits are small, seedy, less juicy and very sour, which is exactly what most people does not prefer. The benefits are countless compared to its types that are changed by the human hand and sold at the markets today. Its skin, kernel and each drop is full of healing.

Those who don’t want to give up on the usual flavors can obtain “domesticated” species by grafting, of course, this domesticated plant will not be so resistant to cold, drought and diseases.

Allergic reactions are the most effective usage area of fruits that have been used for therapeutic purposes in East Asia for centuries.


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