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Growing buckwheat with seed balls

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

The amount of farms that are farming with the Masanobu Fukuoka’s way of growing grains are thin on the ground. Almost, most of them are in the Asia. (Growing grains with way of natural farming is the best way to understand that the farm is actually a natural farm.)

Grains are must in a natural farm with a background of 35 years. We started to grow grains with seed balls around 3 years ago.

The soil is definitely not being plowed,

There are no use of agricultural product/poison and agricultural implement,

No fight against wilderings.

No use of fertilizer,

Just scattering seed balls and harvesting.

The area you see in the photos is around 920 square metres. One or two people can finish the whole harvesting process in two days which is cutting crops off from the halms and planting the halms of crops to the soil again. In return, we produce crops enough to eat, make and sell bread for whole year.

We launched this movement of revolution in the world that affects agriculture and we are keeping it on. We also are sharing it for free with the other farms that are interested in.

In the upcoming days, we will make a gathering with the young people, institutions and citizen’s associations who attempted to establishvery big natural farms that were planned to be established near Bologna city. We are glad to be a part of movements like these and share the experiences that we collected till now.

A lot of young people who realize that organic farming is a big lie are changing to the natural farming. We are full love and enjoy in this journey of establishing natural farms in different geographics and different climates of the world.

Note: I will share an article about lies of organic farming which is seen to be healthy and good, soon.


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