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The Acacia Tree and The Nitrogen

It gives us trust that we have an acacia tree in our farm as you see in the photos.

Every year, a grown up acacia tree transfers kilograms of nitrogen, which exist in the air freely, to the soil. And this nitrogen goes to the fruit trees, the vegetables under them, worms and insects around itself giving them life and nutritions. It is also free and you don’t have to do anything. Actually, it is not the acacia tree that connects nitrogen to soil. It is one of the mistakes that everyone have been doing.

As follows;

It is the bacterias that live in the roots of acacia tree that makes nitrogen, which is in the air freely, connect to the soil. These bacterias doesn’t live everywhere like acidic soils. Soit doesn’t mean if there is an acacia tree, it will connect nitrogen to the soil.

So how will we create an environment that these bacterias can live in so that they give us fertilizer as a gift for free and we will be doing nothing. The answer is simple. First of all, we need a healthy soil. The best way for this is through spreading/scattering seed balls.

Much more seed balls,

Constantly seed balls,

All the time seed balls.

Birds above the acacia tree,

Elderberry under it we see,

What else a human wants?

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