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Various benefits of the Willow tree

Apart from being used as aspirin;

It is very effective to stop bleeding that occurs especially in the mouth when willow fruit is collected and chewed before ripening.

Mixing the ashes of the bark, which is removed from the upper branches, with water is an effective solution used to remove the damages of the corn plant.

The liquid obtained by soaking the branches of a flowering willow tree in the water works as a diuretic that cleans the kidneys, it is also a very effective rooting hormone that can be used for rooting the aerial part of plants.

When the resin flowing from the wounds of the tree boiled with pomegranate peel, it is an effective natural treatment method used for infections in the ear.

The branches and leaves of the tree boiled with wine are used to remove mosquitoes.

The liquid prepared with the dried flowers and leaves of the tree is very useful against the dry face and flaky shedding.

When black willow seeds are mixed with water in a ratio of 1/5 and used just after bathing, it acts as a natural depilatory cream.


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