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Various benefits of the Acacia tree

It is one of the trees that Fukuoka-san uses most in his cropland.

It has many other benefits besides its rapid growth and it’s always green, it has nitrogen-binding bacterias in its roots which enrich the soil in terms of nitrogen day by day.

Especially the acacia gum obtained from the old acacia tree is the most favorable for use.

The seeds (which are lentil-sized) and the seed pouch of acacia tree should be picked together. The most suitable time for fruit picking is the period before it fully matures in the fall and produces very strong active ingredients.

The sap, seeds, seed pouch of the tree and rain water are mixed and left alone until the mixture becomes dense. This mixture provides incredible benefits for eye health. You can wash your face with the mixture, as well as the ashes obtained by burning the remaining pulp after removing the liquid can be used for the same purpose.

It is also very effective for excessive menstrual bleeding and open wounds.

Acacia maidenii, one of the acacia species found abundantly in the Fukuoka-san’s cropland, is also one of the rare plants that contain DMT and is widely used especially in the Ayahuasca ceremonies held in the South American continent.


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