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The Plane / Plantanos - Tree and remedies

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

The plane – platanos – tree neutralizes the bad effects of bites inflicted by the bat. The excrescences of this tree, taken in doses of four denarii, in wine, act as an antidote to the venom of serpents of all kinds and of scorpions and are curative of burns. Pounded with strong vinegar, squill vinegar in particular, they arrest haemorrhage of every kind; and with the addition of honey, they remove freckles, carcinomatous sores and black spots of long standing on the skin.

The leaves again and the bark of this tree are used in the form of liniments for gatherings and suppurations and a decoction of them is employed for a similar purpose. A decoction of the bark in vinegar is remedial for affections of the teeth and the more tender of the leaves boiled in white wine are good fort he eyes. The down which grows upon the leaves is injurious to both the ears and eyes. The ashes of the excrescences of this tree heal such parts of the body as have been burnt or frost-bitten. The bark, taken in wine, reduces the inflammation caused by the stings of scorpions.


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