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Seed grown trees

In photo 1 and 2 you can see pear, cherry and hazelnut trees in the flower.

In photo 3 and 4, the cherry in the flower and the acacia tree on top.

All trees are intertwined, next to each other and stacked. The seed ball fell there, germinated there, grew and began to bear fruit. We also collect and sell. There is nothing else we do. Unfortunately, farmers who practice chemical agriculture and work non-stop from morning to evening are unfortunately trapped by traders and capitalism. Ways out are also closed from each side.

You can’t see these photos on a conventional or organic farming farm because people want to check. Uniform trees such as military camp. Then we stop asking why I have fascism in the world. Fascism is not in the world, but in the human mind. It is reflected from there to the world.

Mix the seeds, make seed balls and sow them. You don’t have to do anything else.

Note: This production method mentioned is possible in natural agriculture, awakened soil. You may not get this result immediately in a soil that has been abandoned for years or chemically cultivated.

How the soil heals ? its answer is the same. By sowing more seed balls.


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