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Diseases in Natural Farming

Have you ever seen an oak tree has a disease? What about the trees of a plane, a beech, a tulip or ginkgo? Of course, there might be exceptions but it is really rare. Yet, trees like apple, apricot, peach and cherry are full of diseases! For many people, It is just a utopia to maintain fruit trees healthily and produce them without using chemicals and organic farming products. Have you ever wondered why the trees in the forests don’t get sick but fruit trees often do easily?

By the way, there is no categorizing if it is a fruit tree or a forest tree in nature… Every tree has it’s own fruit. Some are called fruit trees just because they are consumable by humans…

A “fruit tree” won’t have disease easily as a plane tree If it is in its natural form and is not modified, grown and shined more by humans. Just like the peach type that we see in the photo. This type is called “carrot peach” doesn’t have to deal with monilia, leaf curl nor any disease well-known. It is because It has natural immunity against these diseases. Viruses and bacterias are always out there but It won’t really harm people who have strong immunity. It is also the same for the trees. What natural is that a human, living healthy and a tree, living healthy.


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