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How natural farming products reach people

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

You may see the natural and clean foods coming from the farm in the photos. Moreover, while these foods are grown, the soil is not plowed, no product / poison / machinery is used, and weeds are not tackled. Pumpkins that grow day by day on flowers and clovers, vegetables on their own and fruit trees that have not even been pruned off a single branch.

All of these foods are grown with seed balls. Without human intervention. Only seed balls are scattered and then harvested.

Tons of food from the farm every year reach people directly, all with a fixed price per kg. There are no middlemen, traders. It is not possible to sell products to merchants and try to survive.

People often don’t know what is happening in these boxes that arrive at people’s homes every week. We send whatever grows on the farm that week, after we have harvested and prepared what we have collected.

There are 200 types of fruits and as many different nuts and vegetables, as well as dozens of medicinal and aromatic herbs.

The price of a 5 kg box full of natural fruits and vegetables, which you can see in the photos, is 10 euro.

Another part of the products from the farm reaches people through food communities. There is no trader or middleman anywhere in the process. These natural and clean foods offered by nature and produced at zero -0- euro cost are cheaper than foods full of chemical poison sold in markets!

Note: We organized events that will last for 1 month in autumn, where insemination will take place at 8-9 different points, and free natural farming seminars will take place. These inseminations, which will take place on an international scale, will come to life from mountains to plains, hills and even in extreme climatic zones. Announcement will be made soon.

If you want to organize an insemination at your own location, as a natural farming center, we can provide all kinds of support and assistance without waiting for any return. You can also announce and plan the inseminations to be organized on the page.


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