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One of the most important things in natural agriculture practices is biodiversity.

In the photo, you see 4 different types of almonds. They are all grown from kernel and as a natural consequence of this they have different species.

Since fruit trees grown from the seeds have different species, they pollinate each other, and you do not need to plant pollinators. All of them will be different in size, shape and taste, unlike this is not bad, , on the contrary this is good. The biodiversity which is mentioned in the first sentence is that.

There is one more thing I want to say over and over again. Natural agriculture or do-nothing farming is not a starting point. It is a dream to grow plants without doing anything in the soil we kill with chemicals, it is also impossible. You have to awaken the soil first. You can apply do-nothing farming only after the soil wakes up. Evidence of this is the natural farming farms established by Fukuoka and Panos. Beyond that, the biggest proof is actually within you. If all these fruits and vegetables have survived for thousands of years without these chemicals and agricultural tools, they can continue their generation without human intervention. What could be more natural than that.

The discourses like, “natural agriculture is not possible” and “agriculture without intervention is impossible” are the voice of the human ego. Because ego wants to intervene and control. However, natural agriculture is possible only in the absence of ego.

Don’t believe me either, ask yourself and look for the answer. Do we really have to use so many chemicals and agricultural tools to eat, or is this all part of a big capitalist system?


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