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A natural farm is the best pharmacy

A natural farm is the best pharmacy and every medicine appears by itself when the right time comes.

The natural foods we grow are the real nutritions that our body needs. They are the fundamental needs that a living being can have to live healthy.

Every food we eat is a medicine and a cure. Of course, only condition is to be natural.

The name of the beautiful plant you see in this photo is polygonatum verticillatum. It is presumed to be a family of liliaceae for years. Of course, they found out the truth later on. It belongs to the family of asparagus densiflorus. It is also a medicine that have been using in far east countries for a long time.

Every inch of it is a cure. Especially it’s roots. It is used for broken bones, skin diseases, woundings, indigestion, diabetes, nephropathy and even for exility.

The plants that are grown up by itself at that current time your farm are the only plants that you need at that moment.

In a natural farm, a natural environment, a living soil, a connection that already exists between human and soil awakes. Someday, a plant glitters when you walk around your farm with beautiful flowers and watch the fruits that grow up day by day. It doesn’t matter whom scattered the seed or the name of it. You got paid attention to it because it is the plant that you need right at that moment.

The life starts to keep going in a different frequency for people who made deep connection with the soil. Now you start not to eat foods with stomach but with your soul. A flower that you smell open the gate of a universe that already exists in your heart. A little insect that you see enlightens you. A handful of fruits that you eat gives you unlimited energy for whole day. The birds that are singing give you the pleasures that you have never experienced before.

The soil and nature starts to talking to you. It is a conversation that doesn’t have any words but it tells so many things. Most silence moments are the biggest conversations; the least you eat, the more energy you gain. When we take simplest steps, the miracles happen. From now on, all the energy of life flows into you. It doesn’t come from outside but inside of you.

You don’t have to take any step out of your farm but you can see the whole world. You tell without talking and get everything done without working. There are no one in the farm anymore and you don’t do anything.


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