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Clay Soil

It is a point that those who will start natural farming frequently encounter and ask. What should I do with clay soil on my farm?

No forest soil is clay. It contains clay, it should contain naturally; but the clay ratio does not exceed a certain rate. All components are in balance and harmony. This is what should happen.

After a while, on the surface of the soil, which loses its vitality and organic matter, it remains one of the heaviest substances, if present, stone, if not clay. It is the road to the desert slowly. The biggest reason for clay soil is cutting down forests and plowing the soil.

No forest soil is clay.

The solution is right in front of us, where people see the problem; The clay in the soil is borrowed, mixed with the seed and seed balls are made and sowen in the soil. After a while, we repay our debt to the soil borrowed from clay as organic matter, wealth and life. If the soil is clay, take the clay, make seed balls and sow it in the ground.

Today, unwanted clay will turn into life itself, organic matter and wealth. The solution is not outside, but inside.

Just like human beings… Everything that is seen as a problem today returns to human as wealth, happiness and life. All that needs to be done is to add seeds of love.

Just as no snowflake can fall to the wrong place, no seed ball will fall to the wrong place.


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